(Re)Birth is a collaborative mural exhibition by Krista Bursey and Marc O’Brien that was located at Ctrllab Gallery for the duration of Mural Festival from June 6th – 16th 2019. It is a massive 124′ x 8.5′ acrylic painting that is aimed at disrupting a traditional gallery space with the freedom, accessibility, and scale of an outdoor urban art piece. The mural installation flowed from the gallery’s entrance, up the stairs and into the main space where a mixture of styles and motifs, unified by colour palette, wrapped the surfaces of the entire space. The (Re)Birth themes are drawn from from nature, mysticism, and mythology. A night scene viewed with UV lights contrasted the day scene experienced with natural light. Live local DJs played during the opening hours, allowing for their taste and mood to further colour the experience.

DAY / NIGHTGlowing WarriorGlowing WarriorGlowing WarriorGlowing WarriorGlowing DragonGlowing DragonGlowing MerkabaLava EruptionGlowing Leaves