Greetings to you! My name is Krista Bursey and I welcome you to my efflorescent container of my artistic world. My goal is to explore deep connections with you through transformation (primarily in the mediums of painting and tattooing).


As a fine artist, I have been creating a multi-disciplinary show called ANAMORDIA for the last 12 years. It began as a re-birth, a true awakening in my life. Currently as the mother of two boys, tattooing and creating this series full time, I am committed to this journey of my life’s work. This first part of the series, called LIMINALITY will be exhibited in the Fall of 2024.

This series features life size portraits paired with sculpture and soundscapes (in some cases live performance). These portraits portray women who have influenced me deeply in my life. These women are all creative souls who have reflected a divine mirror that continuously shows me: my place in the universe, the multiple dimensions of reality and what divine feminine power truly is. The journey continues as I am currently working away on my biggest canvas to date 9’ x 6’. In the first  part of the series, LIMINALITY explores my relationship to my ancestral land Newfoundland and how the past is a bridge to the future self. Please feel free to check out the PAINTING section of this site to discover more!


As a tattoo artist, I design original artworks for clients both custom and FLASH. I create tattoos that stay in line with my art aesthetic which focuses on linework, color and realistic shading. Having a degree in Design Art and a background as an illustrator, graphic artist and painter—tattooing merges all of my skills. But what I have been discovering over the last 12 years of tattooing is that there is a healing modality that is rarely talked about in contemporary tattooing. And I have been observing this circuit of energy that takes place between the client and the artist.

Our fifth dimensional energy fields are activated while giving and receiving the tattoo, making the ritual of tattooing as important as the artwork itself. Each original tattoo is created for that part of the body and opens what sometimes can be blocked or needs activation. Not unlike acupuncture where needles open different meridian points on the body, all kinds of energy comes to the surface to be witnessed and transformed. What I am discovering is: tattooing is a sacred act where the higher self is calling in a symbol to guide us in human and spiritual evolution. And amazingly every person that comes to me to open a tattoo is in alignment with my own spiritual and artistic process! Just to tell you, last year I had 7 people in a row (who didn’t know each other, or wasn’t influenced by my work) come and open trees. That’s like standing on the street and watching 20 white cars drive past you. There are never coincidences in my reality. One of the seven was TREVOR which was a back piece that opened over 1 year and taught me about tree medicine and the ancient wisdom of the Tree of Life.


And what does the tattoo process look like?
I  take a consultation with you and connect with what what you (and your higher self) is opening. You will tell your story, and you can share inspirational images to deepen the concepts if you like. I will in turn take precise measurements of that part of the body and create a digital mock up with you there—this base artwork is what I will base the drawing from. That way you know what you will be receiving as you leave the consultation. The success of a good tattoo is the precise sizing and placement. I am here to guide you into the artwork process and want you to be a part of it. Knowing the skin and our human anatomy, each place is uniquely different and has its definitions. I will be sure to explain what is possible and what is not.


And even with all the pertinent information I do a meditation and “see” deeper into what is required. If open to it, you are welcome to do the ritual mediation with me to journey together. I have learned to trust my process, which has been both humbling and highly expansive as a creator. Allowing me to get out of my own way, move past the cerebral and explore “the full picture”. This process leads to the study of both ancient, sacred, and sometimes new symbols that are activated by tattooing them. The tattoo therefore becomes alive, opening and teaching us over a lifetime! To do this, I hold space in a private studio so that each person can go through whatever they need to, as tattooing defines transformation in the human experience. We as humans experience pain to transform—I questioned this often after giving birth to my 10.5 lb baby naturally! But what I can tell you is: tattooing allows us to cultivate pain— channel it and process its positivity to birth something beautiful that lasts a lifetime! (Wow!) One day I will write and publish a book on tattooing, sharing my experiences as an artist and healer: The Spiritual Transformation Through Contemporary Tattooing.


All my artistic endeavours take place in my private studio called The WILD WILD WOMB (LINK located on the STORE) which is located on 135 Van Horne, Suite 202. This historic building is located in the Mile End area of Montreal and is truly one of the last of its kind! 25 years of supporting artists—it is an experiential place like no other. Many compared it to studios they saw in Berlin, underground and alive with a pulsating heart of art making.

In the front part of the studio, I share this space with a unique vintage collector called OBJETS ATTACHANTS. The space is divided by a vintage showroom and my painting studio. Those who know me personally know I used to work in fashion as an illustrator and graphic designer to support my painting endeavours. Over the years, I have been collecting unique clothing pieces and I still love designing and producing ethical clothing and prints! Every couple of years I produce a new line of clothing that is artwork based. Opening and renovating this studio only a little over a year ago, I put my heart and soul into this space! The WILD WILD WOMB had become a headquarters for all my artistic ventures: clothing, painting and tattooing (which is a closed and private space in the back). I sell my clothing collections here, a vast array of garments that change often. We participate in vintage shows regularly here in Montreal. Please feel free to check out our INSTAGRAM page for the full collection!


The latest project I am launching is a series of super high-end technical leggings with my artwork meticulously designed and printed on each one. My background as a designer, artist and tattooist allowed me to see the body and the art in a way that can be experienced from every angle. I washed and wore these myself for 2 years and I can honestly say: they are the highest end leggings I have ever owned. The fit and the second-skin fabric quality highlighted by photographic (sublimated) artworks makes these leggings wearable art pieces!
I wear them almost every day in everything I do, tattooing, painting, drawing, computer work, meditation, yoga, training and those few who got a sample tell me they prefer to wear them out on the town! Winter is coming and these are my go-to layering.
They are all made here in Montreal and only 21 pieces are produced per style. Check out my STORE to see the full collection!


Thank you for taking the time to look deeper into my world! Thank you for supporting me and my ability to create FOR YOU. As artists we are creating what we know and being able to share that to you is a privilege. Please feel free to contact me for an appointment or if you have any questions at all. I look forward to connecting with you in person.

“To where the OTHER BEING IS. To see where you are—beyond the things in you which attract you and seduce you and excite you and repel you—the journey across the great ocean of existence is a journey INWARD. Even deeper and deeper and the deeper you get in the more you meet TRUTH”.

-Baba Ram Dass

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