Krista Bursey pink hair

Krista Bursey is multidisciplinary artist who explores deep connections through transformation in the mediums of painting and tattooing.

As a fine artist, she creates thematic series which are featured in solo and group exhibitions. She loves to travel abroad to tattoo and leave behind giant paintings– most recently in Medellin, Colombia on a sacred mountain top in a district called Comuna 13. As a tattoo artist, she combines all her artistic skill sets exploring the modalities of design and fine art, as a way to heal people through sacred symbols in ritual.

In 2000, she started More Than a Friend, in 2006 she she co-founded the Parnell Collective and in 2009 she joined the group En Masse. Let’s just say she adores collaboration which all led to international success in both fine art and design.

Krista Bursey doing a tattoo

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