The Parnell Collective was created in 2006 and the founding members are Jason Wasserman, Krista Bursey, Peter Ricq, Eric Dufour, Evan Melnyk & Fred Casia. These artists/designers were brought together through the love of contemporary art and respect for one another’s craft.

Parnell’s first body of work was  Stranger Danger, a series that deconstructs the idea of working within a collective, by essentially still working towards a similar goal, but working as strangers. Each artwork produced for this show was started by one member and passed along until it reached the end of the chain. Members were only allowed to peek at results if either they were at the end of the chain or throughout specific moments of the process. All artworks are limited edition silk screens on recovered paper . The vernissage was held at Headquarters Gallery in 2007.

Painting the walls for Stranger DangerPainting the walls for Stranger DangerHeadquarters Gallerywall-galleryPrint WallPrint Wallpic 002Krista

The second show was Parnell en Hell exhibited at Madam Edgar Gallery in October 2006. This exhibition featured paintings, illustrations and prints from the Parnell disciples. There were also guest artists Mark Unterberger and Eric Bond exhibiting their amazing sculptural installations.

The following are paintings and illustrations that I worked on.

Mark Unterberger SculptureEric Bond InstallationFred and EvanKrista KilledArt Cyniq Paintings